Welcome to RnD Technology

RnD is established as an Indpendent Design House in 2004. We have designed various products including
  • Camera
    • 3D Camera/Webcam and Display;
    • VR Camera;
  • RFID
    • NFC Membership System;
    • RFID Management System;
  • Tablet
    • eBook and Tablet;
    • HMI Control Panel and Infortainment Device;
  • Lost-and-Found, Tracking
    • Keyfinder - 433MHz, and 2.4GHz dual way;
    • Bluetooth Lost-and-Found;
    • GPRS/GPS Tracking System;
  • Baby Monitor
    • FM Audio Baby Monitor;
    • 2.4GHz Video Baby Monitor, with 4 Cameras;
    • Video Baby Monitor for Smartphone;
  • 3D Printer;
  • Quadocopter;
Besides, we have another branch of STEM products.
For details, please kindly visit DrChan-STEM