WakePi - An All-in-One Alarm Clock
Alarm Clock is an important tool for everybody. Looking around at home, many electronics could be found, Alarm Clock, Radio, Lighting, and if you have little child, there may have baby monitor.

WakePi integrate them, with additional features:
- Auto Sync with your Smartphone
- Customized Wake-up Prompt
- Enhance Bass
- Voice Reminder with privacy
Connectivity :Bluetooth LE (BLE)
Radio :87.5 - 108 MHz
Audio :5W x 2 (Stereo) output
Bass :Virtual Bass downto 5Hz 5W output
Power Source :Adaptor with 110/220VA 1A input, 5VDC 3A output
Dimension :150 x 50 x 25 mm
Weight :200g
Operating Temp.:0-60oC
Mobile App :Android 4.3+, iOS 5+

note: Android is trademark of Google, iOS is trademark of Apple

Download 3d STL files