ReFInDer - A Handy RFID Management System
RFID is a good tool for housekeeping, it is widely used in factory, department store, supermarket, etc., as part of the logistic management. However, it is bulky, and expensive in both system cost, as well as operating cost, therefore less being used at home, office, or any small scale business.

ReFInDer is working with SmartPhone, with most familiar OS (Android or iOS), to save the system cost and shorten the learning curve, in addition to accessibility to internet, for cloud connection.

RFID Frequency :UHF 860-960 MHz
RF Power :Transmitting Power 25dBm max
Range :1-3m
Standard :ISO/IEC18000-6C, EPC C1G2
Battery :Li-Poly 1200mAh
Dimension :75 x 60 x 15 mm
Weight :150g (max)
Connectivity :Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Operating Temp.:0-60oC
Drop Test :1m free fall onto concrete
Mobile App :Android 4.3+, iOS 5+

note: Android is trademark of Google, iOS is trademark of Apple

ReFInDer is targeted not only for domestic usage, it could also be used in other area that require handy operation, such as school, shop, office, farm, etc. The prototype have been done, ReFInDer is now rasing fund on Indiegogo.