Open Tablet
Open Tablet is an idea to providing a open platform, including hardware and software, that all people could duplicate the design without charge. The target is to provide an affortable computer for most people, and the target price is around US$90, with a 7" TFT, WiFi.

There are some similar projects, such as the OLPC (One-Laptop-Per-Child). However, not sure why, but they are bounded with the big brands, which is much overhead on the services/components provided. However, RnD found that there are another approachs, which are using the cheaper SoC, such as ARM, MIPS, ARC. These kinds of chips have more than one supplier, driving it much more cost effective than X86 core. The price advantage is not only on the chip itself, but also the supporting peripherals, such as the build-in USB host, Memory Bus, etc. In addition, SoC usually consume less power than the PC, which is very important to some undeveloped area, and the mobility, which is not easy to get the power supply. But there is drawback with the SoC, it cannot support the most popular OS in PC market, however, Linux is one of the good alternative.

Linux, itself, is also open source, and has granted many people supporting it without charge, plus there is also plenty of open source applications, such as the OpenOffice, Firefox, GIMP, etc.

There is another choice of open OS, Andorid, which has plenty of Apps supported, as it will need a more powerful SoC, which is have pressure on the cost. However, the hardware design could allow both OS to be operated.

    • ARM Cortex A8/9
    • 2GByte SDRAM
    • 4GByte NAND (for system storage)
    • 32GByte SDCARD (as Harddisk)
    • 7" 800x600 TFT with Resistive Touch
    • 802.11b/g/n WiFi
    • USB2.0 otg

Photo of OLPC XO-1

Photo of XO-1 in eBook mode